One night in the city of Akron, an idea took root in the mind of one Vanessa Hamilton. Spectrum Diversity began as the barest spark, a wish really, that there could be a safe place for her community. Andrea Fahey, a woman she considers a sister, took this wish and did her very best to make it become a reality. She started to gather allies, and Spectrum Diversity slowly took shape in her mind, her heart, and the world beyond. Here at SpectrumDCC, we endeavor to promote education and awareness to the issues faced in the community, as well as, offer assistance to the needs around us. Highlighting growth and awareness is our priority and obligation to our friends and loved ones. 

Primarily, Spectrum Diversity is a safe place, but more than that it is a home for some of the most disenfranchised people and their friends. Whether a member needs food, clothing, protection, help, or love it is our mission to be there for our community.