Vanessa Hamilton was the co-founder of Spectrum Diversity Community Center. She was instrumental in

building our team and striving to provide more for the LGBT community. She will be missed.

Vanessa was a bright light to many. She was always quick with a joke, often at her own expense. She battled

with depression, anxiety, and alcohol. Due to her low income status and lack of strong mental health coverage through her insurance, she lost that battle March 16, 2019.

We hosted our first annual kick-off party on March 8th, 2019. At the party Vanessa spoke. She spoke of the

struggles she faced personally and the struggles our community faces going forward. She was bright, nervous, and passionate.

If Andrea is to be the heart and mind behind our mission, Vanessa was truly at the center of its soul.

We carry on both for the community and for her memory.